We handle our giants
with all due care.

From emergencies to training, in a prompt
and comprehensive manner.

Emergency service and scheduled maintenance. Repairs, upgrades, modications and inspections aimed at assessing residual life. OMIS Service, with its 4 branches, more than 90 specialists and 50 vehicles at its disposal, makes sure that every day its customers can make the most of their plants for the longest period possible,

anywhere in the world: in terms of safety, efficiency and performance, and from transportation to the installation of spare parts and the training and instruction of personnel.

Assistance and Emergency service

OMIS Service is present in almost all Italian regions as well as in many countries worldwide, providing scheduled maintenance, rapid interventions and a wide stock of spare parts. A trained customer service team handles all assistance requests to promptly address the client’s needs, thanks to the widespread presence of service centers worldwide.
Fully equipped and qualified technicians to solve issues with in a competent and professional manner.

Preventive scheduled maintenance

OMIS service engineers are regularly trained to provide the best preventive maintenance and the most efficient repair service to support our customers’ business during the full lifespan of their cranes.
All our preventive scheduled maintenance will allow you to achieve several goals: respond to regulatory obligations, maintain the full efficiency of the lifting systems, ensure the safety of operators, avoid foreseeable failures that would make the lift system unusable, thus compromising your productivity, among the various maintenance plans we offer, there is certainly the one that suits your needs.
More than 10,000 installations and 30,000 checks per year are the best guarantee of our professionalism, experience and efficiency.

Repairs, upgrades, modications

OMIS’ decades-old experience and the wide fleet of machines under our control have allowed us to bring to fruition the most varied customisation, upgrading and performance improvement projects - virtually every request is achievable for us.: gauge reduction and increase, replacing the lifting unit, modification of horizontal motors, renovation of the electrical system, installation of load limiters, radio controls, weighing systems, etc.
OMIS Service is able to perform any repair and overhaul of components and lifting groups by relying on a specially created department, where highly qualified personnel operates all machines and equipment that are functional for the purpose.

Residual life assessment

For safety managers, the topic of residual life assessment is of increasing sensitivity and there are numerous cases where activity is required, sometimes even mandatory, during periodic checks.
In the Ministerial Decree of 11 April 2011, Annex II (Methods for conducting periodic verifications) paragraph 2 letter c) (Definitions) is defined "Additional Investigation" means the activity aimed at detecting any defects, defects or anomalies arising from the use of work equipment for over 20 years, as well as to establish the "residual life" within which the machine can still operate under safety conditions.
This activity, generally prescribed by manufacturers with a 10-year maturity for CE marked machines (marketed after 21/09/1996), defines therefore a very precise time limit for the inspections to which the most worned devices are to be subjected, but whose obligation has already been highlighted. To paragraph 8 letter b) of Art. 71 of Legislative Decree 81/08.
OMIS Service is able to perform effectively, skillfully and professionally every stage of this process.

Spare parts

A large warehouse where thousands of spare parts of every brand and type can be found allows us to quickly provide what is needed to guarantee the operational continuity of our lifting systems.
Apart from this, OMIS service can count on a department in which skilled operators and specialized machinery are capable of building wheels, crankshafts,, gears, and any other component necessary for the correct operation of our lifting systems.
All these operations are conducted internally, with no time losses and inefficiencies that could arise from relying on external suppliers.


The invaluable experience accrued in 50 years of building more than 30,000 bridge cranes enables OMIS Service to successfully deal with any operation related to the assembly, dismantling and transfer of lifting equipment.


Article 73 of Legislative Decree 81/08 obliges the employer to inform, educate and train workers for any equipment is made available to them.
A lifting systems is among these, and OMIS Service carries out special training courses that are held at the requesting company by optimizing, and therefore reducing the times and logistical challenges.
At the end of the course, individual attestation certificates are issued.


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