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OMIS has designed and manufactured large capacity cranes throughout its history and can now count on hundreds of installations of cranes from 70 tons upwards in various industries such as steelworks, generators productions, power stations, forging plants, plastic molding and others. Large cranes and customized systems to address the most varied requirements.


Waste Management



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Waste Management

What characterizes a waste handling crane is the need to operate in very aggressive environments with limited accessibility. With this premise, it is necessary to conceive the machine and select the components so that it is as reliable as possible.
The main technical features are the installation of the control equipment inside a control room on the ground, the use of corrosion-resistant components suitable for very heavy use.
These cranes normally operate 24 hours a day, can be controlled from a remote pulpit located in a control room, or completely automatically, by means of work cycles pre-selected by the operator. It is possible to equip the machine with heap detection systems so that the automation can guide the crane to the positions where the waste deposit is larger.

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