XL cranes

OMIS has designed and manufactured large capacity cranes throughout its history and can now count on hundreds of installations of cranes from 70 tons upwards in various industries such as steelworks, generators productions, power stations, forging plants, plastic molding and others. Large cranes and customized systems to address the most varied requirements.


Waste Management



Gantry Cranes


Thanks to the long experience of our designers and the know-how enriched by 50 years of constructive interaction with our customers, OMIS has become synonymous of proficiency and reliability in the field of heavy duty machines.
In this type of bridge cranes, redundant components are often used to prevent inconvenient downtime, and for the same reason, appropriate maintenance programs are agreed-upon with the customer. All our machines are conceived as open systems, accessible by any service engineer with a basic technical knowledge. All the electrical components, as well as most of the mechanical ones, are available on the market, proving that OMIS's goal is always to be on the customer's side.

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