XL cranes

OMIS has designed and manufactured large capacity cranes throughout its history and can now count on hundreds of installations of cranes from 70 tons upwards in various industries such as steelworks, generators productions, power stations, forging plants, plastic molding and others. Large cranes and customized systems to address the most varied requirements.


Waste Management



Gantry Cranes


The demand for automated cranes is growing at fast pace in the modern industry and OMIS is there to offer its experience to those who need to improve production and cut on labor costs.
Whether it is a waste handling plant or steel coils stockyard, a billet vertical warehouse or a pallet stockroom, OMIS software engineers can exploit the improved mechanical characteristics of automated cranes to reduce handling times drastically.
The use of automated cranes also permits a significant improvement in terms of safety and is therefore strongly recommended in all those environments where personnel safety is at high risk.
Depending on the ambient characteristics, the technology that our design engineers employ is decided upon the reliability that every single part can grant under specific conditions. This represents one of the key points to the success of OMIS in this area.

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