Standard Cranes

OMIS standard production of single girder cranes covers capacities up to 10 ton and spans up to 25 metres. Cranes are fitted with low-headroom hoists featuring a max height of lift of 13 m and lifting speed ranging from 4 m/min to 8 m/min.

Standard cranes that do not require customisations, and feature an automated production.

Single Girder

Double Girder

Large Capacity

Double Girder

OMIS standard production of double-girder cranes covers capacities up to 60 tons and spans up to 32 metres. For capacities up to 10 tons, cranes can be fitted with either prepackaged hoists or open barrel hoists, the latter being available for swl up to 150 ton.
All movements are Inverter driven, whereas dual speed versions are also available on request.
OMIS has been the first crane company to make extensive use of the Inverter technology in Italy, for the smooth movements it induces on cranes and the reduced maintenance it brings on all electrical and mechanical components.
Girders can be supplied with split joints so that they can be shipped in 40-foot Open Top containers. No welding at site is required.
Standard double-girder cranes are designed in A5/M5 as per FEM standards, but can also be supplied in A6/M6 duty group.

  • 1-Double Girder
  • 2-Double Girder
  • 3-Double Girder
  • 4-Double Girder
  • 5-Double Girder
  • 6-Double Girder