Standard Cranes

OMIS standard production of single girder cranes covers capacities up to 10 ton and spans up to 25 metres. Cranes are fitted with low-headroom hoists featuring a max height of lift of 13 m and lifting speed ranging from 4 m/min to 8 m/min.

Standard cranes that do not require customisations, and feature an automated production.

Single Girder

Double Girder

Large Capacity

  • 1-Single Girder
  • 2-Single Girder
  • 3-Single Girder
  • 4-Single Girder
  • 5-Single Girder
  • 6-Single Girder
  • 1-Double Girder
  • 2-Double Girder
  • 3-Double Girder
  • 4-Double Girder
  • 5-Double Girder
  • 6-Double Girder
  • 1-Large Capacity
  • 2-Large Capacity
  • 3-Large Capacity
  • 4-Large Capacity
  • 5-Large Capacity
  • 6-Large Capacity