Crane Kits

Not only does OMIS deliver complete cranes to end-users, but it also supplies crane kits or parts to small crane manufactures and distributors all around the world. Given the bulky structure of a crane, this solution allows saving on transportation costs.
A crane kit is the full set of parts a crane is made of, with the exception of the main girders. It normally includes:

end carriages with gearmotors and connecting flanges, lifting unit, electrical cabinet, festoons track system, pendant push-button station and limit switches, girders construction drawings, electrical drawings.
Parts can also be purchased separately.

End Carriages


Open Barrel Hoists

Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks

Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks

Electrical cabinets are built from thick metal sheet and feature a mechanically inter-locked circuit breaker. Index of protection is IP54.
Standard panels are equipped with three inverters, one for each crane movement, and are normally fitted with Harting-type connectors. Cables are labeled according to the relevant electrical diagrams supplied along with the crane kit.
All electrical cabinets OMIS produces are checked through testing machines prior to shipment, so that faults are limited to nearly zero percent.
Pendants feature two steps push buttons for all movements and an emergency push button.
Cable track systems can be built with hollow steel sections or open profiles in accordance to crane capacity and span. Cable trolleys can be plastic type or metal construction for heavier applications.

  • 1-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks
  • 2-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks
  • 3-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks
  • 4-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks
  • 5-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks
  • 6-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks