Crane Kits

Not only does OMIS deliver complete cranes to end-users, but it also supplies crane kits or parts to small crane manufactures and distributors all around the world. Given the bulky structure of a crane, this solution allows saving on transportation costs.
A crane kit is the full set of parts a crane is made of, with the exception of the main girders. It normally includes:

end carriages with gearmotors and connecting flanges, lifting unit, electrical cabinet, festoons track system, pendant push-button station and limit switches, girders construction drawings, electrical drawings.
Parts can also be purchased separately.

End Carriages


Open Barrel Hoists

Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks

  • 1-End Carriages
  • 2-End Carriages
  • 3-End Carriages
  • 4-End Carriages
  • 5-End Carriages
  • 6-End Carriages
  • OMIS_singlegirdercrane_3
  • OMIS_singlegirdercrane
  • OMIS_singlegirdercrane_2
  • 4-Hoists
  • 5-Hoists
  • 1-Hoists
  • 2-Hoists
  • 3-Hoists
  • 4-Open Barrel Hoists
  • 5-Open Barrel Hoists
  • 6-Open Barrel Hoists
  • 1-Open Barrel Hoists
  • 2-Open Barrel Hoists
  • 3-Open Barrel Hoists
  • 1-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks
  • 2-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks
  • 3-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks
  • 4-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks
  • 5-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks
  • 6-Electrical Cabinets and Cable Tracks