outr history

Made to grow and make grow.
Born to lift.

To accomplish great things, we must learn to think and act big. Design and build, generation after generation: the story of OMIS is this. The company has grown with its territory, that of Vicenza, which now ranks among the most enterprising and innovative districts in Europe. It draws strength from the area to grow, yielding energy and brilliant solutions for mutual growth.


This was a time when mechanical and steel industry was developing rapidly in the north east of Italy. Franco Bellotto and Ugo De Toni conceived the idea of a new business and, together with other shareholders, established Officine Meccaniche Impianti Sollevamento in Sandrigo.


OMIS hit the target of 1000 cranes. This number was a sign of constant and unabated growth.


OMIS Service was set up to offer assistance during and after sale, for everything from simple devices to complete systems.


Initial certification: ISO 9001. Quality at OMIS is official, everywhere and for everyone.


The two founding partners passed the business on to their children: Giulia and Laura De Toni; Ronny and Fabrizio Bellotto.


OMIS Brazil was founded. Local needs, global vision. Production without borders.


OMIS celebrates 50 years of business excellence, solidly built on the skill of our personnel and the purposeful dedication of our leaders.