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OMIS Group - OMIS India
21 September, 2022


Founded in 2021, it is the latest addition of the OMIS Group.

A reality born in collaboration with our Indian partners, who have been pushing the brand and the quality of OMIS products on the Indian and Far Eastern markets for years.

Specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of single and double girder overhead cranes, it offers customized handling systems for every need.

All components used are designed and manufactured in-house to ensure quality, efficiency and performance in every production context.

This direct presence in the Indian territory allows us to act locally with all the strength of a global company.

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15 September, 2022


3 questions to ask yourself in order to find the system that best meets your needs

What do I need to lift?
The single girder overhead crane is the most economic solution when you need to lift light and compact loads. Used for the transfer of semi-finished and finished products within the plant.
Fast handling

How much do I need to lift?
Simple and easy to use, the single girder overhead crane is suitable for lifting and moving medium-light loads up to 10,000 kg
Hook travel 10m

Where do I need to lift?
The single girder overhead crane is ideal for manufacturing, machine shops, maintenance facilities, processing and assembly lines.
Span up to 32m

Which is the ideal lifting equipment to improve your productivity?
Follow us for more suggestions.

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  • OMIS chiusura estiva
03 August, 2022

Happy Summer holidays to you all!

We inform you that the company will be closed from 8 to 26 August 2022.
Normal working activity will resume on Monday 29 August 2022.

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07 July, 2022


OMIS gantry cranes are designed and manufacturesd ensuring different capacities and dimensions according to the customer's required needs.

This dual configuration boats a span of 32 m and is cqapable of lifting loads up to 20 t at a height of 10 m, reliably and accurately.

The installed master/slave system allows the 2 machines to be controlled simultaneously, facilitating the instensive handling of large structures outdoors.

The installation is a clear example of high skills and performance.

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