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23 September, 2021

OMIS winches feature a particulary robust constructions that makes them suitable for the most severe applications and working environments.
In more than 50 years of experience in the design and construction of the various elements that compose the open barrel hoist and the availability of cutting-edge technology for the machining of mechanical parts such as reducer, drum and frame, associated with the choice of primary brand components, guarantee a product of great reliability, easy maintenance and maximum efficiency.

The particular simplicity and accessibility of all components ensures an intrinsic robustness that goes beyond the declared ISO/FEM class and a possibility of customization of the same, according to the specific needs of the environment in which the open barrel hoist is used.

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16 September, 2021

OMIS double girder overhead crane consist in 2/4 motorized end carriages, which allow the sliding along the runways and 2 beams on which the lifting system runs.

The open barrel hoist or hoist can move above the girders or hanging between them, making the crane more compact.
OMIS overhead cranes are mainly fitted with winches that allow the widest range of use in the most diverse work environments.

Stay tuned for more info on OMIS OPEN BARREL HOIST!

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OMIS CRANES synonymous with reliability
09 September, 2021

OMIS overhead cranes are known for their efficiency and reliability.
From the very beginning, the company decided to produce its own gearboxes to ensure continuity in the production flow and the highest quality standard.

By internalizing the heat treatment process of gear, OMIS has taken a further step forward, by acquiring new staff within its team, increasing its skills and production know-how and, last but not least, increasing the quality of the product.

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04 August, 2021

Happy summer holidays to you all!

We inform you our offices will be closed from 7 to 28 August included.
The regular activities will resume on Monday August 30th.

Omis Group

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