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12 March, 2020


OMIS inform all customers that, although the Italian Regulations defined on March 11th 2020 that declares the entire Italian territory as “controlled area” limiting the movement of people, do not shut down the production plants and essential services. As allowed by the mentioned regulation our organization is OPEN and OPERATIONAL.

While carefully following the prescriptions and safety rules imposed, these rules DO NOT LIMIT the movement of goods and the normal course of production, allowing the regular shipment of orders and the receipt of materials from suppliers.

All this with the full respect about the laws and safeguarding the health of our collaborators.

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ForGreen: are choise for 100% sustainable energy
15 January, 2020

Is certified that Omis Spa is a consumer and producer of electricity from renewable sources and contributes to the development and adoption of a sustainable behaviour for its company.

Thanks to its choice to consume and produce renewable energy, sustainable and certified EKOenergy, promotes the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere and its environmental impact.

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Merry Christmas
11 December, 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from OMIS!

Our offices will be closed for the Christmas holidays from Dec. 21 through Jan. 6 included except on 27 and 30 December. The activity will resume regularly on 7 January 2020.

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Team Building 2019
16 July, 2019


OMIS born to cook!

Team Building 2019 took place in the beautiful setting of a villa in the hills of Vicenza where the two starred chefs Matteo Grandi and Lorenzo Cogo directed 2 brigades (white and blue) who were challenged without exception, in the preparation of two recipes for 60 people! With excellent results!

The sense of a Team Building is to create harmony and synergy between people working in different departments, starting from different philosophies but can get to understand each other. "Mixing skills and way of working and living is essential to create team spirit". In particular, the idea of the culinary contest, where we work in team and in continuous flow, was chosen to make us understand, in practice, the sense of Lean, which privileges continuous production flow and zero waste.
See you next year!

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