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19 May, 2021

OMIS-WEB-VISU-I- application allows the interconnection between the bridge crane and the company management system via a computer network.

A PLC installed on the bridge crane will act as a data server and will share the informationcontained therein with the various clients located on the ground or integrated into the management system.

The "WEB-BASED" system installed on the ground on a PC/visrtual machine, will be connected to the company network and reach the IP address of the crane with which it will communicate via TPC/IP protocol over Ethernet.

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12 May, 2021

Suspended plants with channel profile are combined systems that allow the handling of light loads in a versatile and functional way.

Their modularity gives the possibility to adapt the system to the production area and to install them even in industrial environments not designed for bridge cranes.
Thei installation as well as the transferability to other working surfaces is particulary easy thanks to their anchors and bolted connections.

Based on the customers's needs, we adopt different technical solutions, which cover the most diverse work areas and capacities from 125 to 1000 kg with channel profile and up to 5000 kg with open profile beam.

See our website for more info!

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05 May, 2021

Best technical solution for your warehouses and workshops: single-girder cranes with hoist and capacities from 1 t up to 12,5t.
Their compact dimensions enable both slim and light installations, while granting a capacity up to 12,5 tons.

The new H hoist with its reduced dimensions ensures a wider range of maneuvers in working areas and allows installation even in the narrowest spaces.

OMIS standard range of production includes spans uo to 32 m and maximun flexibility in managing the height of girder in order to provide the most suitable solution for the customer's building.

In the pictures:
10 t overhead crane with H hoist, 12 m span; crane's electrical panel with reduced overall dimensions thanks to hoist electrical panel installed directly on the trolley; load display and inverter for all movements.

Stay tuned for new OMIS Hoist

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28 April, 2021

Whatever the situation is, we assemble our cranes with professionalism.

Our assembly teams and our logistic technicians are prepared to face to every need and site situation that may arise when installing a crane and to study the most suitable solution to put it in the rails.

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