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Omis | 4 May 2020
02 May, 2020

OMIS and all subsidiaries are fully operational starting from 4 May 2020, with special care for the safety of our staff!
Our work environment is constantly sanitized and employees are equipped with PPE to protect themselves and those around them.
Our representatives and area's staff operate in total safety by following all the safeguard measures towards customers and suppliers, as well as for themselves.

As always, we’re at your service!

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Happy Easter
09 April, 2020

If we remain united and supportive, we will defeat this virus and come back soon!

Happy Easter from Omis.

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The Omis Brasil website is online!
16 March, 2020

The new website dedicated to Omis Brazil has been developed to illustrate Omis products dedicated to the South American market and support the activities of our production branch in Lontras. 

Omis has, to date, installed more than 1000 lifting systems throughout Brazil, with capacities ranging from 1 to 100 ton, and customers like: Embraer, Marcopolo, Renault do Brasil, General Elétric, Alstom, Bosch, Philco, Phillips, Usiminas, Gerdau, Randon, Real Vidros and many others. 

Happy surfing!

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12 March, 2020


OMIS inform all customers that, although the Italian Regulations defined on March 11th 2020 that declares the entire Italian territory as “controlled area” limiting the movement of people, do not shut down the production plants and essential services. As allowed by the mentioned regulation our organization is OPEN and OPERATIONAL.

While carefully following the prescriptions and safety rules imposed, these rules DO NOT LIMIT the movement of goods and the normal course of production, allowing the regular shipment of orders and the receipt of materials from suppliers.

All this with the full respect about the laws and safeguarding the health of our collaborators.