made in omis

Made in italy
made in omis.

The best mix of know-how capacity
and innovation.

OMIS was established and operates at the heart of one of the most advanced and dynamic industrial districts in Italy, with recognised technological centres in many different sectors. The best expression of the concept of Made in italy can be witnessed right here: with a combination of know-how, human qualities, creativity, innovation and state-of-the-art technology.
Design for OMIS is about sharing. Specific needs and challenging requests: each time, the line to follow is represented by the various needs expressed by the customer.
These are developed by a first-class team able to carefully combine special studies, components in stock and customisations. The result: great solutions that are truly made to measure.
Technically impeccable solutions. Prompt answers always adapted to needs. OMIS believes in the concept of modularity of its components, which has sealed their constructive and commercial success.
This means simpler design and assembly, verified quality of the individual parts, cost-effectiveness, safe performance regardless of capacity, as well as easy and cost-effective installation and maintenance.

Advanced design at the service
of every customer.

The key factor that has mostly contributed to OMIS’s success has been the constant and meticulous exploration of new production methods that would improve quality and cost-effectiveness. The group has heavily invested in new equipment since the very first years after incorporation.
The boxbeams production lines have been conceived and engineered by OMIS design team, and have been manufactured in-house. Since their first introduction over 20 years ago, they have represented the cutting edge leading to the success of OMIS cranes in both local market and neighboring countries.    

Equipment comprehends several automated welding stations and robots, plasma cutting machines, automated painting tunnels and booths, dryings units, machining centres, lathes, milling, gear cutters and grinding machines, most of them fitted with automated loaders.
Every year the group invests significant capitals on the modernization of its machinery asset, allowing OMIS to keep its dominant position in the market.

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The responsibility for quality at OMIS belongs to everyone.
We are committed to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations as far as product quality and service efficiency are concerned, by continuously improving the company’s processes through our Quality System.

Given the nature of our business, safety is very central to our company and we work day after day to improve it in every aspect.  We are dedicated to produce unequivocal quotations for all our products and services. We are committed to respond to our customers’ complaints rapidly and with  

clear-cut answers, and to provide them with the best possible solutions. We believe that all OMIS employees are important for the company’s success and that is why we are committed to provide them with proper and regular training.

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