Two generations of business enterprise and
the industrial legacy of Vicenza.

For OMIS, a geographical and business environment of extraordinary dynamism has shaped a success story founded on large numbers - as weighty and solid as the cranes that are built in its facilities every day.
OMIS headquarter and main production sites are located in Sandrigo, in the North East of Italy, in the heart of one of Europe’s most important manufacturing areas, where numerous producers of top quality mechanical components, machinery and industrial plants share tradition, technology and dedication to work.

In its 50 years of operations as a family company, OMIS has successfully applied efficiency and ingenuity to the manufacturing of crane solutions for all kinds and size of applications: overhead travelling cranes, jibs and light crane systems, large capacity, automated and heavy-duty industrial cranes.
The core values of the company's strategic vision can be recognized in each and every component produced in the factories. Today, OMIS is the unchallenged leader in the Italian market and one of Europe’s biggest crane manufacturers.

Production capacity
and modularity.

The OMIS advantage:
- Production capacity adapted to all requirements: a single facility of the group is able to assemble more than a thousand complete crane per year.
- All mechanical parts of the crane system are produced and developed - down to the last part and phase - at OMIS’s facilities.
- The design of the solutions is strictly modular in order to easily meet the needs of each customer, always.

By providing the customer with complete systems from a single source, OMIS can deliver quality solutions within excellent time frames.


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